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A little bit about me

My name is Hassan often people call me Hasan but my full name is Hassan Habib Khan. I was born in Karachi (Pakistan) which is in the state of Sindh. Basically, Karachi is the economic hub of Pakistan and biggest city of Pakistan as well. In Pakistan, I was living with my mother and two younger brothers. My family and friends describe me as a quiet and a reliable person.

Education journey


My Primary School LogoPrimary schooling

In Pakistan most children start their schooling at age of three. I started and completed my schooling at Iqra Public School; these were my stress free days. This is different from Australia, where Primary School is from K-6 and 7-12 is High School and then University. In Pakistan the education system is divided into five levels: Primary School (Grades One through to Five); Middle School (Grades Six through to Eight) and High School (Grades Nine and Ten), leading to the Secondary School Certificate; Intermediate (Grades Eleven and Twelve, leading to a Higher Secondary School Certificate; and university programs leading to graduate and advanced degrees.

My High School LogoHigh schooling

I have done my high schooling from St. Peter's High School, Karachi. In High School, I had many friends who are still my best friends, although we have gone our separate ways. In school I participated in the Annual School Function where I was given the opportunity to begin the program by reciting from the Quran (The Holy book), this is considered a great honour. I was an all-rounder student; I took part in the school’s Drama performance, the main theme of the drama was to present our personal view about how we valued our education. I completed my HSC from Government National College, Karachi.

University Of Karachi Entrance named Silver jubilee gateUniversity level

After completing my HSC I was offered a place in the Bachelor of Software Engineering program at the University of Karachi (UoK) which is a public research university and is also one of the oldest universities in Pakistan. After studying for one and a half years at UoK I got an admission at Southern Cross University (SCU) on an advanced standing of 12 credit hours in the Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development Major). So, basically I have one and a half years to complete this degree here at SCU, Sydney Campus.

Course choice

I have had a passion for IT since High School so that is why I chose IT (Software Development Major). After completing this course, I can work in a Software Firm or IT Company as a Software Analyst or Junior Software Developer beside that I also have a Networking Course so maybe I can progress in the Networking field as a Network Administrator or something similar.

In my spare time

Beside studying I love to read blogs such as:

Benefits of reading IT blogs
- By reading IT blogs, I feel I can get the latest technological news, new research and so on, furthermore, by reading this I am able to increase my knowledge and knowhow regarding new devices, Internet developments, and others things related to IT.

As an all-rounder, I also love to play and watch cricket and play video games.